2/28 Hand Pies



  • 10 mini pies with dipping sauces - $25
    • Meatball & Mozzarella with Mama Rosa’s Red Sauce
    • Chicken Gumbo with Pickled Pepper Relish
    • Beef Stew with Brown Gravy


What is a Hand-Pie?

  • Nearly every culture has their version of a hand pie. The common thread is a flaky pastry dough filled with either a savory or sweet filling that is then baked or fried. 
  • Sometimes referred to as a turn over or bastardized as a Hot Pocket, a hand pie is a satisfying meal you can eat with one hand!


What makes these hand pies different?
  • We have created a flaky tender envelope stuffed with a variety of flavorful stews and sweet fillings.
  • These hefty sized pockets make a wonderful lunch partnered with a small salad or bowl of soup.


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