Israeli Salad

Israeli salad is the salad that pretty much ends up on the table every single night in my home. The influence came from my Mother-in-law and Husband who were both, all though not born in Israel, were raised there.

This simple salad's success is dependent on quality ingredients that are at their peak of deliciousness in the Summer season. Crunchy and sour, this salad is perfect to accompany a piece of grilled meat, but I will say that this is also a common breakfast served with hardboiled eggs and tahini with pita bread.



-Tomatoes diced small

-Persian or English cucumbers diced small

-Scallions white and green sliced thinly

-Mint torn

-Parsley chopped roughly


Mix all ingredients in a bowl and dress with Lemon juice, Extra Virgin Olive oil, salt and pepper.

Dress according to taste but this salad should shine with tartness and have a good salty bite!

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