Runny Eggs & Sizzling Ham

A simple breakfast with runny egg porn and ham crisped in browned butter to the point that you are getting major bacon vibes without the grease and heaviness. 

The whole thing comes together in minutes, uses one pan, and goes amazing with my Everyday Rustic Bread recipe. 


- Butter

- Ham or any deli meat.... we commonly trade in bologna, turkey, or tri-tip

- 2 eggs

- Salt and Pepper


Heat a small skillet over medium high heat with a pad of butter. Lay about 2-3 deli slices inn the pan covering the entire bottom, making a little raft for your eggs.

As you ham begin to sizzle, crack you eggs carefully onto the raft trying not to break that yolk. Cover and reduce heat to low. 

After about 3 minutes, check that the white has set and the yolks are barley tightening and have a nice jiggle. Season with salt and pepper and slide out of the pan and onto your plate... Enjoy!



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