What's on your plate this summer?


Summer has finally landed in LA, although I'm sure we will get a bit more of this early morning, June Gloom!

Nonetheless, I am diving head first into my summer time cravings, which always include citrusy salads, grilled meats, refreshing yogurt dips, and spicy sauces. My cooking definitely shifts to outdoor grilling and smoking with minimal use of the oven and stove, except for quick cooking sides like blanched zucchini or chewy Israeli cous cous. I find that I create more Mediterranean inspired plates, but the occasional Asian influence blends itself into several of my dishes as well. I keep my pantry and fridge stocked with ingredients that can be quickly transformed into easy meals and snacks. Over the next few weeks, I will be showing you all of my family's favorite dishes created with the bounty of Summer!
Here’s a list of the ingredients and foods that are constantly hitting my cart or being plucked from my garden in Summer Time:
-Lemons and Limes
-Colorful Bell Peppers
-Fava Beans
-Microgreens galore
Store bought faves:
-Zhoug sauce from TJ’s
-Spicy Yuzu sauce from TJs
-Fage Greek yogurt 2%
-Frozen shelled Edamame
-Israeli Cous Cous
-Preserved Lemons
-Hoisin Sauce
-Red Thai Curry
-Coconut Milk
-Spicy Pickles
-Garbanzo Beans (Goya -canned)
-Low fat Buttermilk
I cant wait to get cooking with you this Summer!


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