Meet Nicole


Bringing home-cooking back to the family table!


I am a wife, a mother of two, and the owner of An Old Soul Life and An Old Soul Jewelry!

An Old Soul Jewelry is a hand-crafted jewelry line with an emphasis in pearl work. The jewelry is designed and produced in Montrose, California and sold at boutiques around the country.

An Old Soul Life is a food and lifestyle company that focuses on the humble beginnings with seed to table cooking. My passion in life is to cook for others and to show people how to cook for themselves in an affordable and homegrown way! I love the way food brings us all together to celebrate culture and traditions.

I was in the kitchen with my Italian-American grandparents at a young age, falling in love with the transformation of humble ingredients into delectable dishes. I followed my grandma around the kitchen, standing on my tip toes to see what she was cooking up! Grandma’s recipes remain at the core of the dishes I prepare today. Our family would gather around these meals, laughing and telling stories about the past. I now have my two young boys in the kitchen and vegetable garden with me, instilling the same love and passion.

Love goes into each and every meal as it starts with fresh ingredients, many of which are grown in my backyard. A plate full of rich colors and vibrant flavors is the result!

An Old Soul Life offers home-cooked meals every week, perfect for a busy lifestyle! We will also be launching a YouTube channel, cooking workshops, and in-home home-cooking and gardening guidance.


- Nicole Pecina Shahar